TECQ Water Quality Program for Cypress Creek
CRP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Cypress Creek Basin
Clean Rivers Program
Steering Committee Minutes
March 30, 2005
Executive Office of
Northeast Texas Municipal Water District
Hughes Springs, Texas

The meeting began at 10:30 a.m. The following persons were present:

Beverly Allen  
Art Crowe Anthony Rasor
Mike Denholm J. R. Alphin
Diane Atkinson Jerrell Ritchie
Charles Dixon Robert Roe Jr.
Jacob Donellan Kent Becker
Michelle Blair Walt Sears Jr.
T. J. Helton Dwight Slaback
Ric Blevins J. C. Jennings
Mike Bransford Tommy Spruill
Jennifer Meyer David Thomas
David Brown Adam Whisenant
Lee McNeely Greg Conley
David Weidman John O'Connor
Leah Cooper Patricia Wise
Howard Pafford Arthur Talley via telephone.

Items 1 & 2. Guests and committee representatives were recognized and welcomed to the meeting by Walt Sears, Jr.

Item 3. By consensus, the minutes of the September 23, 2004 meeting were approved as presented.

Item 4. No old business.

Item 5. Arthur Talley discussed the final report that Paul Price had written. Mr. Talley reported that TCEQ has condensed this report and now have the final draft written. The report identifies the final load allocations for phosphorus for the Cypress Basin. Mr. Talley added that he felt the public comment period would most likely be in May and the public hearing towards the end of the period. Mr. Sears advised Mr. Talley that the District would like to meet with the Steering Committee prior to the public hearing. Mr. Sears advised that that meeting could possibly be held during the weeks of May 9-13 or June 6-10.

The draft document will be published on the TCEQ website and they will request a list of stakeholders. TCEQ will send an e-mail advising the stakeholders where the draft document is posted.

Minutes of the Cypress Basin Steering Committee
March 30, 2005
Page Two

Patricia Wise reported that the 2004-05 contract ends August 31, 2005 and the new biennium begins September 1, 2005. Ms. Wise stated that everything is on schedule and everything should be completed on time.

Item 6. Howard Pafford discussed two amounts of additional funding received during the past two years: $42,000.00 in 2004 and $20,000.00 in 2005. Mr. Pafford advised exactly how these funds were dedicated.

Items 7 & 8. Mr. Pafford began the discussion concerning the planning done thus far for 2006-2007. David Thomas discussed the monitoring that has been done over the past two years and how that monitoring and those schedules lead the group into the next biennium, specifically 2006. Mr. Thomas highlighted each of the areas of concern being monitored in the Basin and what is being done to address each of those concerns.

Mr. Thomas then moved into the next year (2006) and the additional new sites which have been added to the list.

Diane Atkinson inquired as to what was being done on Tankersly and David Thomas explained both special studies.

Bob Rowe inquired about the Clear Creek fish kill. Long discussion followed regarding the low ph levels found during several site visits made by Adam Whisenhant with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Mr. Whisenhant stated that he would be doing further study work on Clear Creek.

Walt Sears reported on the future proposed special study at Lake Cypress Springs. J. R. Alphin and David Thomas reported on the group of concerns and why they anticipate the need for this study.

For purposes of the special study, the equipment used would come from existing equipment that NETMWD owns, the actual manpower would be supplied by Franklin County Water District and the analysis from CRP funds.

Item 9. The meeting was temporarily recessed at 11:45 a.m. so that the attendees could enjoy a lunch that was provided by Titus County Fresh Water Supply.

The meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m.

Item 10. Paul Price and Associates will complete the Draft 2005 Basin Highlights Report by May 1, 2005.

Minutes of the Cypress Basin Steering Committee
March 30, 2005
Page Three

Item 11. Howard Pafford introduced Leah Cooper, of Lone Star Steel. Ms. Cooper gave a follow-up report concerning the Ellison Creek Reservoir Sediment Study. TDH is conducting a fish study in April, running metals, organic metals, volatile and semi-volatiles. Doyle Wilbanks, also of Lone Star Steel, will assist in that study.

Ms. Cooper also talked about the sediment study that will be conducted by the TCEQ. Lone Star Steel will be participating by performing the same sampling at the same stations.

Michelle Blair informed the group that the sampling should begin in the next three months, the end of June at the latest.

Item 12. Howard Pafford reported on the status of the 319(h) Project. He stated that all sites have been secured and final recons will be done over the next few weeks and equipment would be set out and ready for sampling by mid-May.

Item 13. No one had any public comments. Howard Pafford reported that the Chili Cook-off Team had won second place this year. He explained that the cook-off activity is a form of public outreach that the District provides for the CRP Program.

Item 14. The next meeting is expected to be held in either the week of May 9-13th or June 6-10th, depending on when the TMDL Public Comment period is. That meeting should be called prior to the public hearing that is to be scheduled at the end of the comment period.

The meeting was adjourned.