Cypress Creek Basin
Clean Rivers Program

Steering Committee Minutes of March 28, 2007

Executive Office of Northeast Texas Municipal Water District
Hughes Springs, Texas

The meeting began at 1:30 p.m. at the Executive Offices of Northeast Texas Municipal Water
District. The following persons were present:

Max Berry
Dinah Rushing
Gayland Rushing
Marie Martin
Zack Thomas
Gary Heideman
Adam Whisenant
Anthony Rasor
Art Crow
Michele Blair
Gary Endsley
Gary Spicer
Arthur Talley
Paul Price
Beverly Allen
Leroy Biggers
Dwight Slaback
Jennifer Delk
Mike Prater
Ric Blevins

Guests and committee representatives were recognized and welcomed to the meeting by Ric Blevins of NETMWD. Walt Sears was not able to attend.

By consensus, the minutes of the November 30, 2006 meeting were approved, with exception of a note by Jennifer Delk in regards to wording of a contract between NETMWD and NTCC. Beverly Allen gave an update on Caddo Watershed Protection Program along with efforts to fight Giant Salvinia in Caddo Lake.

Ric Blevins updated the group on the 319(h) Project with comments from Paul Price. The continuous monitoring stations in Lake O’ the Pines were addressed next with the third station to be installed by next month.

Gary Endsley gave a presentation of flows and recent releases from Lake O’ the Pines. He showed aerial photographs taken at different flow levels to show the effects on surround areas during high flow events.

Zack Thomas and Gary Heideman from TDSHS gave a presentation on new samples recently taken on Lake Ellison. They are waiting on the results from samples taken from 10 white crappie. There were comments from Ms. Rushing of Lone Star and Michelle Blair with TCEQ. Marty Muse expressed gratitude to Zack and Gary for the new public friendly advisory format that TDSHS was using.

Arthur Talley with TCEQ Austin updated the group on the TMDL Implementation Plan. He cited the meeting held the previous day in Pittsburg.

Art Crowe with TCEQ Region 5 gave a presentation and handout for a study on Acid Rain Potential in East Texas Reservoirs.

The next meeting date was set for September 20, 2007 at 1:30 at the Executive Offices of Northeast Texas Municipal Water District, 4180 FM 250, Hughes Springs, Texas

There were no additional public comments or input.

The meeting was adjourned at 3.00 p.m.