Cypress Creek Basin's Clean Rivers Program (CRP) places a priority on encouraging public involvement concerning their activities. It is considered an important part of the development of support for the program, and a means of obtaining broad-based recommendations from the public.

The main means of accomplishing the public outreach goals of the CRP includes the Cypress Creek Basin Website (www.netmwd.com). The NETMWD web site is our most useful tool utilized to reach the stakeholders and citizens of the basin and inform them about the Clean Rivers Program. The website contains information about the scheduling of the NETMWD Board meetings, current CRP activities, monitoring schedules and data, events in the basin, wastewater permit holders, CRP reports, and studies which are being conducted or have been completed in the Cypress Creek Basin.

In addition to the Cypress Creek Basin maps with segments and sampling station located on this site, visit the Texas Stream Team page. Learn the options open to you as a citizen of the Cypress Creek Basin. To read more about water quality the TCEQ has published an informative booklet called Clean Water For Texas, available on this website.

Public involvement and outreach efforts help support the permitting process, and encourage citizen involvement in identifying permit-related priorities and other water quality issues. An opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns or opinions about water quality issues is provided through the Contact Us page of the web site.